Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox – Author, Speaker and Consultant

Lisa is a board and committee member advising on best practice to meet consumer needs. She combines a strong background in communications with personal and professional experience in the disability sector, including collaborations with developers.

At age 24 Lisa had a brain haemorrhage, like a stroke. It was caused by a nasty virus (Streptococcus-A) and to this day, nobody knows how she contracted it.

After her brain haemorraged, Lisa spent the next three weeks in a coma and two months on life support. Pneumonia, heart attacks and uncontrollable seizures took hold of her body as all of her organs shut down.

Lisa spent over a year in hospital, the first time and underwent over a dozen operations and procedures. The permanent damage to her brain has affected her speech and memory, left her over 25% blind, epileptic and frequently fatigued. Osteoarthritis has set up home in nearly every joint throughout her body as well.

Lisa had to hit the restart button on so many areas of her life. At first, it was things like moving, speaking and eating. Then it was bigger things like her career and relationships.

Since hitting restart, Lisa has had many personal and professional achievements. Learning to write and speak again was just the beginning. She has started her own business, written two books, become a professional public Speaker, met and married an amazing man, returned to study, bought her own place and travelled overseas.

She is on a mission to motivate people’s bodies and minds into action. She encourages everyone to live without fear of failure and live with genuine gratitude and enthusiasm for every day. Live with the knowledge that challenges are just choices waiting to happen.